FLUX is a tactile instrument for a gestural control of electronic sounds.

This project is the result of in-depth research regarding shape, materials and ergonomics, inspired by traditional acoustic instruments. Unlike most of the existing electronic instruments, acoustic instruments have a rich gestural repertoire which enables the musician to express themselves with virtuosity. Flux was inspired by these instruments so as to reintroduce expressive gesture in the instrumental performance of electronic music. The touch sensors allow for the exploration of new instrumental gestures.

An electronic instrument, besides allowing for the instrumental playing of electronic music, can have the power to bring together the two worlds : the instrumentalists and the electronic music artists. One of the main goals of this project was to render gestures intelligible and allow the electronic music player to play together, improvise, engage in a dialogue with classical instrumentalists.


Graduation Project, ENSCI Les Ateliers

Project Advisors: Matt Sindall, Roland Cahen

Drawing and prototyping in collaboration with Azilis Jüngst

Sound & Composition: Fergus (Simon Larcher), Emilien Ghomi

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