Interactive audiovisual performance - with sound designer and composer Guillaume Tiger.

Matières Hybrides recounts a fictional voyage into an uncanny virtual universe and its constituent elements. This voyage is envisioned as a visual and sonic exploration of landscapes and textures, moving and mutating continuously, at the border between realism and fiction. Through a synchronization of the visual and of the sound elements, in their ever-flowing transformation, we mean to convey a contemplative state and a sense of heedfulness to the audience, but also a sort of  constantly renewed surprise and curiosity.

In order to achieve this synchronization, we developed a custom designed interactive performance system allowing for a real-time dialogue between sound and visuals. More than a reflection or an illustration of sound through visuals or vice versa, this system comes to function as an instrument to be played jointly, allowing us to improvise together during the performance.

Creation Residency at Le Cube, 2018

Shown at Le Cube - April, 26th 2018

Co-production - Le Cube

A special thanks to Expressive E for the active support with their controller Touché 

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