Creation of a virtual universe using the New Atlantis platform. 

Workshop and performance at Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 2016.

New Atlantis is a multi-user online virtual world dedicated to audio experimentation and practice. The platform is specialized in the creation and composition of audio-graphic objects (objects which are visual and sonic at the same time). Like a multi-player-experience laboratory, New Atlantis allows for the co-design of these audio-graphic objects and also for playing them.

Four teams of media / sound artists and designers from France and from the US participated in the workshop. Each team designed a space (world) on the New Atlantis platform.

The performance took place simultaneously in their respective cities and venues (Issy-Les -Moulineaux, FR - Le Cube, Aix-en-Provence, FR - Fondation Vasarely, Chicago, US - School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Troy, US - Rensselaer University). I was part of the Cube team and designed a fragment (video) of our New Atlantis world. During the performance, participants from all teams explored together live, in front of an audience, the four New Atlantis worlds.

Project website: New Atlantis

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