Creation of a virtual universe using the New Atlantis platform. 

Workshop and spatialised audiovisual performance at the Cube (Issy-Les-Moulineaux).

New Atlantis is a multi-user online virtual world dedicated to audio experimentation and practice. The platform is specialized in the creation and composition of audio-graphic objects (objects which are visual and sonic at the same time). Like a multi-player-experience laboratory, New Atlantis allows for the co-design of these audio-graphic objects and also playing them - like in a video game.

Four teams of media / sound artists and designers from France and from the US participated in the workshop. Each team designed a space (world) on the New Atlantis platform with each member designing a portion of it. The performance took place simultaneously in their respective cities and venues (Issy-Les -Moulineaux, FR - Le Cube, Aix-en-Provence, FR - Fondation Vasarely, Chicago, US - School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Troy, US - Rensselaer University). I was part of the Cube team and designed a fragment (video) of our New Atlantis world. During the performance, participants from all teams explored together live, in front of an audience, the four New Atlantis worlds one after the other. The venues also shared a Skype connection so we could guide each other in New Atlantis and share our impressions.

Project website: New Atlantis

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