Topophonie is a research project focusing on digital representations for sonic navigation in virtual spaces, as well as on means to accompany these sounds with visual manifestations.

I participated in this project as a student at ENSCI - Les Ateliers. My proposal was an immersive interactive installation.

While investigating visual representations for sound, I made analogies with light and color, comparing them in terms of the way these 3 types of materiality are perceived by the human eye (blurred contours, gradual transition between different states, etc). With their gestures, in front of the screen, the interactor can generate light sources in a range of colors. Each light source has a corresponding sound attached to it, modulated in relation to the position, the intensity and the color of the source. These figures form a 3D landscape and the interactor navigates this spatialised, dynamic aura of lights and sounds.

Topophonie is a research program coordinated by ENSCI Les Ateliers in partnership with IRCAM, the studios Orbe and Navidis, UserStudio. 

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